Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shake a finger at me

Down in dumps today.
Ate chocolate, felt better.
Worth the calories.


Mel said...

I get the same results with a good cuppa coffee.

Mind you, I'm always toting around a good cuppa coffee.......which probably tells you a whole lot about my disposition......

Churlita said...

I would never shake a finger at someone for eating chocolate. There would be three more fingers pointing back at me. I think any excuse is a good one for chocolate.

NoRegrets said...

Mel, I wish I led a caffeinated life. Would be fewer calories than chocolate (which also has caffeine, but also other good things...).

Churlita. Well, you exercise enough to have it be a non-issue!

laura b. said...

Chocolate is good
Sure there are the calories
But it is still good!

Tara said...

A chocolate pick-me-up is always worth the calories.