Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pt. Reyes 4th

Hi there - we jumped on to my friend's camping reservations at Pt. Reyes this past weekend. It was beautiful. We had to bike our stuff in, which is always nice because it reduces the flotsam and jetsam. Surprisingly there were a number of families with small kids!

Speaking of small kids, we were with our friends with two small kids. The ones I was with at Yosemite. It's amazing that kids really don't seem to feel cold. She was wearing a bathing suit when we all had our shirts and sometimes pants on due to the wind. A kid moment: the youngest smashed his head against the picnic table and started producing a nice egg - so his dad took the only available semi-cold item and put it against his head - a can of beer. Of course I documented the moment...

Morning light looking towards the point.

Looks pretty but apparently the grass is invasive English grass.

We only stayed one night because once you are at the campsite you can't bike and M wasn't up for too much hiking. So we left and went to the lighthouse. Windy!!!! but gorgeous of course. M at first didn't want to walk down the stairs to the actual lighthouse, but we did. Below is a sample log from when the original keepers were there. Very interesting -hopefully you can read it!

So we walked down the 300+ steps and it was great. We were almost all the way up when a ranger started down and said he was opening the actual lighthouse to see the 100+ lenses which projected the light. Much discussion but I pushed for seeing it and we went down. Well worth it! Not only to see the lenses, but also for the exercise on the way back up!

Since many of you won't be able to go, here's a shot of the inside.

And just think, you don't need to climb back up these stairs. Twice even.


laura b. said...

I like that! You do the walking, so we don't have to :)

Sounds like you had a really good weekend!

silly rabbit said...

Twice! Yikes! I love lighthouses. When I was little I actually had it in my head that I wanted to become a lighthouse keeper... unfortunately, they became obsolete and/or automated by the time I was old enough.
Thanks for doing the leg work and the pics. It does indeed sound like a great time.

Churlita said...

Pt Reyes is gorgeous. I haven't been there since I was 12, but it has always stuck with me.

Tara said...

Those steps look like a very good workout. My knees creak and pop in appreciation.

Mel said...

Phenomenal photos! Congratulations for making the climb....twice.
*laughing* I'da made it down once. NOT so sure about the 'back up' though. ;-)