Friday, July 8, 2011

Secret on the Radio

So, I'm letting my secret out. I'm taking a course to learn how work in a radio station. One that plays stuff like WFMU. So, basically anything that you normally would not hear on a normal radio station. I thought about getting my own show eventually (which would take a year) but the time commitment might be too great. But I will definitely do fill-ins. Before you get to that point though, you have to do graveyard shifts - 13 of them to be exact. It makes sense, because that's the time when most people aren't listening and so there's more room for mistakes. Of course, with a station like WFMU, everyone's listening all that time so that would be quite intimidating. Still, there might be a few people in Australia listening to this station, who knows.

I'm actually quite excited! Next week I learn how to produce and have to record a spot saying my on-air name, and why I chose it. Now that's another story. I've been brainstorming with M and some others. It's pretty important because that's how people end up referring to you at the station, and if you get any listeners, that's who you will be. I don't want anything directly related to my name, and perhaps want something that's not me. Like, for example, Sunshine. Just to have people with "Hi Sunshine!" We'll see what I settle on - Unfortunately I likely won't share here...but you are welcome to make suggestions!

That is my big news. I love music - all kinds of music - and this will keep me involved. I'll be learning something new, and hopefully having a great time. Now I have to go do my homework - how to file albums. Not a joke - apparently there's a more complex that you might think system on how to file. Like if there's two artists you do both last names and then the first names. And if the band has a number in it or some symbol, you have to figure out how they say it and file it that way. We'll see how it goes!


silly rabbit said...

That is exciting! I have a friend in broadcasting and he's always coming up with fascinating things that I never suspected were involved.
The thing that I would think would be so great about radio is that no one sees you! Kind of like wearing a mask... or dark glasses. Only your thoughts and voice go out.
I wish you the best of luck, but I'm sure you won't need luck to do well.

laura b. said...

That sounds great! Very exciting news :-) I don't have any name suggestions at the moment, but I will ponder that a bit.
Filing records sounds a bit like shelving books! At least that part I could manage.

Squirrel said...

Yes!!!! That's fantastic! Your news totally made my day. I DJ'd at my college radio station, and I still miss it sometimes (though I kind of stunk). Working in radio is the best.

Congratulations! I think you'll love this. Will send you DJ name suggestions as they come to me...

Mel said...

Okay--that sounds like great fun! Nothing I could handle, of course. LOL I shudder when I hear my own voice so I'm thinkin' I'll leave it up to folks like you!

Tara said...

That's exciting!! Good luck with the course!