Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toos day

take my breath away
anxiety, busyness
deep breath does wonders

Going to CO tomorrow for work.
Realized just now that my three bosses and I were going to share a 2BR condo.
So last minute scrambling for me for a cheap hotel room.
I gotta be able to sleep, and get away.

Didn't get as much done for job search done this past weekend as I should have.
But did go to my networking meeting today. Yay.

Keyed up. Will go outside and bike to get my car.


silly rabbit said...

It sounds like a lot of stress to me. I don't think I could share a condo with one boss, let alone three. Smart move to get your own escape room. Good luck!

silly rabbit said...
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Mel said...

Yup--sounds like a bikeride is a good plan.

About as good of a plan as my walk around the building before I said something I mighta not wanted to say......

Toos Day, indeed!

laura b. said...

Hope you are feeling less anxious now. Travel safely :-)