Friday, January 20, 2012

Knock your rocks off

Last weekend one day we went to the ocean to hike, supposedly, but we got there late so oh damn we had to see the sun set.

As we were walking on the beach, I stopped myself from taking home rocks by taking photos of them. See the examples.

I also found this really cool weathered wood.

And finally, some wildlife:

M remarked that he had never seen ducks at the ocean, and I thought about it, and neither had I. Have you?

(PS_phone interview went well and will meet people in person next Wednesday! woo hoo!)


silly rabbit said...

Congratulations on the up coming meeting. Yay that it went well on the phone!

I love everything like this at the ocean. I have seen ducks there but not often. I'd have had to take at least one rock.

laura b. said...

I think taking pictures is a great alternative to collecting things. I don't think I remember seeing ducks at the beach...hmmm.

Hey congrats on the good job juju so far! Best of luck on Wednesday!

NoRegrets said...

Thanks SR! And to be honest, I did take a rock. With a hole. So I can make a necklace...

Laura - thanks!

Mel said...


Is this were I confess I'da taken photos AND taken 'em all home? LOL Yes, I'm greedy!!!

Congratulations and I'll hope for good things with the 'meet the people' experience!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Love finding cool rocks in the ocean/beach.. Very cool.. I don't think I have ever seen ducks in the ocean either.. I have seen Heron's tho in the shallow water's