Thursday, January 5, 2012


Pearls Before Swine Blog

I should have ducked. Since I may be ducked. I went to sign up for temporary secretarial work and it is definitely not the days of yore. I will have to push to get any work it seems, though I am pleased to hear that if I do get it, it's a fairly decent hourly wage.

In any event, my lesson learned from this whole adventure is to think about what I need and not be afraid to ask for it. One would have thought I had already learned this lesson, but it seems I have not. I should have asked for the entire weekend to think about the decision since it impacted my life so much. Because I was worried about their needs (wanting someone to start that Tuesday) I gave myself only 3 hours, then realized I needed at least 24 hours. But really, I needed the weekend. Because by the end of the weekend I was thinking about all the things the job would have given me despite the low salary.

I'm in a different place now. I don't have the luxury of networking. I have to make money. Welcome to the real world!


silly rabbit said...

I've always liked that cartoon strip.
Well, shoot. I do that sort of thing when I am put on the spot. That's an awfully short time to think over something so important. They should have known better... which means you probably did the right thing if all they think about is them, not your needs too.

Mel said...

I agree with silly rabbit--and as an employer, I like to think about others needs and my needs.
However.......sadly, I do not believe this is the way of the world as a whole, today.

*laughing* Maybe I need more coffee and a look at the comic strip, eh?

laura b. said...

Interesting...I forget about that least ASKING for what I need. I think that is something valuable for everyone to remember. Thank you.