Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light as a feather

My head is not floating away from my body, but it does have all the weight of the hair gone. Short short short (rather than below shoulder length). It was time, and when it's time, you gotta have it done. I had my hair cut end December and I really didn't like it and all that crap on my neck was just too annoying... so got it done.

This time, however, I didn't just read the yelp review and go with the person. She had a consultation available so I went in. And she said the right things and was very calm and comforting, so I went back. At the time I met her I thought she looked familiar, but that can happen with almost anyone.. then it turns out she was in What Not To Wear about 4 years ago! And I think I saw that episode.

I loved it when she took off the first 5-6 inches in one snip before I even got my hair washed. The women next to me just gasped. Unfortunately it was not quite long enough to donate, but I just didn't want to wait for it to grow.

So the new old me has emerged! I had this cut about 20 years ago (!!! so long ago!). And it still looks decent. But now I have to think about earrings... gotta show off the ones I have.

I went to a store later in the day and an Asian woman thought that she knew me. Really, I didn't but we had a little conversation - do you know xxx? Finally I said that I had just gotten my hair cut a few hours before, so likely it wasn't the same person. 'Oh, yes, it must be the hair cut.' So, I said that we all look alike, which was a little bit of an off-color joke, but she just agreed.

OH! Also saw two free movies last night: The 1988 remake of The Blob, and Swamp Volcano. Although I must admit I only fully watched the Blob, because the Swamp Volcano was so not interesting at all. The Blob was scary both in that it had the shoulder pads, high hair, and big huge eye glasses, but it was just plain scary! And a little gross. A good bad movie. As opposed to a bad bad movie.

Time for tea and a crumpet. (boy I wish I had a crumpet)

This is kinda like it. I'm not as cute as her though. And my 'combover' is longer.


Tara said...

No, you're cuter! I love the new style!

laura b. said...

I love your new cut. It's so cute. I'd really like to be able to wear short hair, but it is NOT a good look for me.

Anonymous said...

Tara's right! You really look great.

Also, I love that you made that joke to the woman who thought she knew you. Do you know the Ani Difranco song Names and Dates and Times? "I know so many white people, I mean, where do I start? The trouble with white people is you just can't tell them apart."

Mel said...

What a cute cut.

Yup, I think it's time for a good chopping off of the locks!

silly rabbit said...

I have to agree with Tara! You are cuter. I think it is such a flattering cut too. Good choice.

How funny that you made the joke and she only agreed, not laughed.

NoRegrets said...

Aw, thanks Tara.
Laura, thank you too!
Squirrel, thanks! And nice quote from AD!
Thanks Mel! And SR!