Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent movies and books

Just finished watching Friends with Benefits. Realllly liked it. Funny - the NY/NJ vibe I can relate to. The usual romance thing that you always love to watch. It's well done. I think Mila Kunis had a body double though.

Driving up to Seattle, after a long day of driving stayed in a motel. I bascially flopped on the bed and happened upon Hangover. It was free so I watched it. Not sure if it was because I was brain dead, but I really liked it. Likely a good percentage was due to brain-deaded-ness, but I still think it was well done. No reason for a sequel though.

Ghost Protocol in a semi-real imax theater. Very cool. Great to see in such a theater. One explosion I felt in my legs. One scene on the skyscraper my palms started sweating. It was well done.

Book: Shaghai Girls. Fine. Maybe I was just not in the mood. I thought it was going to be more mellow than it was, when in fact it was chaos after chaos (revolution, chaos, violence, immigration, etc.). Like it was kind of trying to hard to create drama.

Alice Hoffman - Probable Future. I really liked this - family of women each of whom has a special power they receive on their 13th birthday, the interpretation of the power, and results. Read it in a day which was WAY too fast. I wanted to leave it for my sister in law. Stupid me. I don't like re-reading books so I've blown it. I'll try another of her books.


silly rabbit said...

I like Alice Hoffman very much. I think she writes in a simple way that can be enjoyed by middle school through adult. Often about sensitive subjects. My favorite of hers was "The Blue Diary" which is heartbreaking but so true and so touching as well.

I have not seen either of these movies but I think that I would like The Hangover. I love things that make me laugh about the stupid things we do as adults that we rue later. Being an adult who has done some pretty stupid things.

Tara said...

The more I watch "The Hangover", the more I appreciate it. There are some lines that just make me laugh. No denying it.

laura b. said...

I liked Friends with Benefits more than the similarly themed No Strings Attached. Also thought Hangover was pretty funny, but 2 was, as you suspected COMPLETELY unneccesary.

I haven't read Shanghi Girls yet. Hm. I have read some Alice Hoffman and seem to enjoy her earlier books more. I think my favorites are At Risk and Seventh Heaven.

Churlita said...

I read Shanghai Girls and agree with the constant drama statement. I love Alice Hoffman, but haven't read that particular book.

I loved the Hangover. Don't think I'll ever see the sequel either.