Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where did the week go?

It's Thursday people! Amazing. I guess it's gone by so quickly since life's been a little up/down/round and round.

It's a constant struggle to maintain some sense of what I should do with my professional life, as you saw earlier this week. It was looking down, and now it's looking up. I may get a part time temp job at a place I would love to work, I think, so hopefully I'll get the position.

Then on top of that, things are moving forward with an entrepreurial adventure. Not my idea, but I would help implement. The whole concept of entreprenuer stuff freaks me out a bit, but I'm also excited by it.

And then in a 6 degree of separation, I asked a friend if she knew anyone in the area related to the industry in which I had recently applied for a job (because her husband is in that field). She connected me with someone she was connected to in LinkedIn, who had a whole bunch of second degree connections to the organization. So I chose a person I wanted to speak with (at the same level I would be, which was likely a mistake as I could have been in contact with the CEO) and he connected me to the person who was directly connected to her. He contacted her for me, and she is the one who actually left the organization, it turns out, and connected me with someone who still works there. I did write to him but have not heard back. How's that??

And then, last week I did a yoga class and the next day my back twinged. Then it got worse. Then it got better. Then it's gotten really worse such that Tuesday I could barely stand after sitting for likely what was too long. It's into my hips and sometimes down my legs to my feet. Sitting really hurts, and too much standing too. So, hopefully I'll get better. I came to my senses yesterday and did not go climbing. Aren't you proud of me?

OK. Lunch.


silly rabbit said...

Yikes! I ache for your poor back and hips. That sounds like a misery.

I think you are doing great... trying new things and making connections. I need to be more like that. Keep being brave! I need the inspiration.

laura b. said...

I tried to keep track of the chain of connections, but I think I lost it long as you didn't, though, it's all good :)

Sorry about your back. Do you think maybe you pinched a nerve? Or is it more of a muscle thing?
Proud of you for listening to your body screaming at you!