Monday, November 17, 2008

Childhood loves

I finished a quilt last Thursday for my colleague who is due to pop any moment. She's great (most importantly laughs at my jokes, and also is a very calming influence for both my boss and myself) so I was willing to spend time on making her a quilt. (plus it got me out of paying hard cash to contribute to the car seat 'everyone' bought her). It's below.

It came out really nice. There's 2 types of African fabric (she's a daughter of a Kenyan and something else). It has childish flannel fabric on the back. It's very pretty but so boring to make. I hate patterns.

BUT, that's not the point here. When I gave it to her she remarked that she just wanted to hang it on the wall. I told her in no uncertain terms that she had to USE it. I've said this before, but quilts are made to be used and loved. It's the best when a child develops an emotional connection with something you've made. So the four of us had a discussion about childhood items. My colleague said she once threw away her roommate's blanket that she had kept from childhood because it was all ratty, etc. and OF COURSE her roommate was so upset and fished it out of the garbage.

I admitted that I still have my blanket from when I was little. Please see the photo below.

I came soooo close to throwing it away when I moved out of my husband's house. But I just couldn't do it. My rationale was that I could use it for packing material. Which I did. Of course, now it sits staring at me, wondering what will happen to it next. And I don't know. I remember loving it soo much - not quite to death, but certainly one foot in the grave.

Do you still have anything you loved from childhood? That kept you warm, safe secure?


laura b. said...

That quilt is so beautiful and looks rather autumn-y too! And I agree, quilts should be used and loved.
I always hoped my kids would find a special comfort object, but none of them ever did. I have no idea what that means....

Tera said...

Fantastic quilt NoR!!!!!!!! And you better not dare throw your blanket away. I regret all the time not keeping something from my's like when I left, I left and didn't take much more than clothes with me. I hold on to things for the boys in hopes that they will keep them though.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, thank you. That is kind of strange they had no comfort object...

Tera, thanks! yeah, I think I'll put it with my stuffed animals. :-)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...


My college sweetie had a small like handkerchief with some infantile name wubby.

He was 18-19 and would come home and hold his wubby and suck his thumb when things really were bad. He only would do it in front of me. So I felt special.

I didn't have anything I can remember...I think I will ask him about his wubby next time we IM. *lol*


NoRegrets said...

Oh my OG. I had hoped you were joking, but I fear you aren't.

Cynnie said...

i have nothing ..
I had a spiteful ex who threw out a box of my childhood stuff..

Churlita said...

I brought my teddy bear to college with me and all the guys in my dorm used to come to my room and steal it and send me ransom notes, or I'd find it hanging by its neck in the girls bathroom.

I finally got rid of it when I moved to California. I wish I had saved it for my daughters.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I am so not joking. I know crazy huh. I really wonder when he stopped exactly we broke up before he graduated I was older. Of course he did it less and less but if you can't be who you are around the one you love. I think its why we still are friends today after all these years.

Takes a friend not to make you feel like a freaky for thumb sucking and wubby rubbing. *lol* Although I think its name was blankie or something like that now that I really think about it.


Pamela said...

Aw, Cynnie, that sucks. We need to get you a teddy bear.

Churlita, that sounds like what my older brothers did to my sister's koala bear. It was actually quite funny... but then again, it wasn't my bear!

OG, yes, that's true. Certainly a true friend.

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous. You continually amaze me with your parade of talents!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is beautiful.. I wish I had that kind of talent..

I have my collection of daolls from around the world.. I will never get rid of them.. They will be passed onto my first Grandchild..

Squirrel said...

Great job on the quilt! I agree that quilts should be used, not just admired from afar.

Answers to your questions: no.

Susan said...

I have a strawberry short cake quilt that I still use to this day. Imagine the looks I get when guys come over.

Mel said...

Job well done!

I've made a bazillion quilts...and have none.
I like it that way.

And I have the teddy bear....finally. My sister rediscovered it when we were helping my step-mother move from our childhood home. My sister recalled hiding it in a loose board in the attic--and SON of a was still there!
He sits on a very special shelf in the bedroom.
On occasion, he sits on my lap to just be my companion.

Not Fainthearted said...

What a BEAUTIFUL quilt and a lucky child who will get to use it.

I didn't really have a "thing" that I used as a kids. I practiced music instead. On the good side, I can still do that until I'm old and grey. And I got pretty good, too.