Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flowers to take your mind off my question

Straw Flowers
The pick your own flower farm in Maine.
So, anyone know why my car sometimes smells like cat urine inside after it rains? No, my cat never peed in my car.

Likely won't post until Sunday. Behave yourselves. Or have fun. Or both.
I have a guest post at Not Fainthearted on the 19th.


Tera said...

Umm, hmmm....uh, ewww! I don't have any guesses!

Tara said...

Oo, those flowers are beautiful!

Have a good time and try not to think of mysterious smells in your car. :)

Susan said...

I once stepped in cat pee and didn't realize it and got into my car and got it on the carpet and wham, the car gets that smell when the carpet gets wet.

At least, that's my guess regarding my car.

Churlita said...

Maybe it's from the moisture trapping the bad stale smells in your car and all stale smells seem to eventually smell like cat urine. Like when people wear shoes without socks in the Summer.

laura b. said...

Hm...if your cat hasn't peed in your car maybe it isn't really cat pee you're smelling? Maybe it is some other sort of ammonia-y smell? I don't know :-) But thanks for the flower pictures!

Mel said...

Dunno why--just know that can't be pleasant.

The flowers, however---very pleasant.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is very strange.. maybe a different cat peed in the car..

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

man i love flowers and no greater joy than working inm my garden and having fresh flowers in the house

NoRegrets said...

Tera, yeah, me neither.
Tara, thanks. Good time when you are running a conference? Not sure if that's possible.
Churlita, maybe. I gues sI'll need to wet vac my car.
Laura, Mel, we'll see. And Mrs., no, no other cat.
Torrance, someday in some time in my life I hope to be able to have a huge flower garden. It's so nice to pick them!!!