Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twitter Tuesday - related to climbing

So, sitting in the booth at Biscuit World one morning of my climbing trip, I see a couple policemen outside their cars in the parking lot. They had the big flashlights out, and one seemed to be selling the good points of this one flashlight. I resume eating, and next time I look out the window one of the policemen is alone, and is hitting himself on the back with the flashlight. So, it's good to know that police brutality in WV means police on self violence.

One weekend I climbed with a woman I hadn't met before. I'm not sure I told this story before but too lazy to look it up. She and her partner (male) of 20+ years have never lived together in the same house, but live in the same city. They each have their own space. And love each other. It was interesting that this example came to me when I was thinking about possible alternative types of relationships I could have in the future.

So climbing over my bed yesterday, with my comforter on one side of the bed hanging over, I don't know where the edge is so I fall off and smack my head on the window sill. I do many dangerous things, but get hurt doing silly things. I have a nice big bump on my head - felt it when I put my helmet on this morning.

I'm off to Joshua Tree for Thanksgiving weekend - staying at my friend's house with 8+ other people. We'll have a massive turkey day, and do some climbing the next couple days. I have a red eye back and will be in the office Tuesday, in body, but likely not in mind.


Susan said...

Have a great weekend!

Churlita said...

Have fun. Joshua Tree is so cool. I bet that's a long flight.

laura b. said...

I've always thought the whole having your own space idea was a good one.

Have a great T-day with your friends!!!

Suzanne said...

If you do make it up to NYC again, I will show you Husband's flashlight collection. He is obsessed with having enough flashlights in the event of a disaster. However, no one will hit herself with any of them.

My friend Steph says her ideal mate is a professional athlete or other person who is required to be away for most of the year. She does not like sharing her space with anyone but her cat.

Have a fantastic weekend away!

Squirrel said...

Happy climbing. Happy turkey! Say hi to U2 in Joshua Tree for me.

The CEO said...

Have a great time, take lots of pictures.