Thursday, July 16, 2009

My life with Billy

So, I'm going to start focusing this blog on the Smurf and Billy. That'll be the entire blog. Howz that?

Maybe not.

But I will tell a Billy story or two. He was there at the window when I got out of the cab, waiting for me to come in. It's so nice to have a moving creature (vs. plants) be waiting for you. Be interested in having you home.

This morning, he was all frantic after I fed him. Kept wanting me to go downstairs. I thought he had just gotten spoiled by getting a whole can of food at once when I was away. Finally I went down there (I give him the can to lick as I'm leaving) and it turned out he had stepped into the water and tipped the bowl so the cat food dish was full of water. Heaven forbid!! I made it work so all was well and he ate.

And he loved me forever.

Or at least until the next meal.


Tara said...

That's so cute, really, when they have an urgent message for you and want you to follow them somewhere so they could just show you what they want. Poor Billy with his wet cat food. Good on you for coming to the rescue!

My cat led me into my bedroom a few mornings ago (during the weekend), only to show me that she wanted to play with the pink, stuffed mouse toy she dropped next to my bed.

Susan said...

If I start telling cat stories trust me when I say it'd take over my blog. This morning, for instance, I woke up with Jasper's paw posed on my nose. As in he's standing above my head, paw stretched out and planted on my face. I looked up and was like "uh, wtf?" and he went "mewrrk".

I think that was him telling me to hit the snooze button and stay in bed.

laura b. said...

Cats and kids, yeah, they love you when you feed them :-)
So Billy wasn't a little standoffish when you came home? He doesn't punish you?

heather said...

there's a difference between forever and the next meal?

you sure about that?

crazy4coens said...

forever is 3 minutes.

Pamela said...

Tara, it is indeed pretty funny how they do that. My old cat led me down to the space behind the wall that she had found - alas for her I covered it up.

Susan, hell, once a week you could do it!! And, yes, what's good is that cats can't say that you are misinterpreting what they are doing.

Laura, I don't think he's standoffish... No, he is usually happy to see me.

Heather - lol! also...

Anonymous said...

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