Friday, July 10, 2009

The weekend, the final chapter

Whew, it comes to an end.

I forgot to mention that Sat AM we stopped in at a cafe to try and get some breakfast. An organic place. Man, those people were happy. Happy organic people. So happy, we had to leave. As ex-b said, I can't take that much happiness without coffee. We also at an organic place Sat night, and the service was bad and the food overpriced and not so great. But they were happy. Ex-b looks at me, and says that it's places like these that give vegetarianism/organics a bad name.

OK, Sunday morning. We decided to do a 6 to take it kind of easy. A 3 star one that I had never done. I got first pitch, and he got second (his choice) because I offered to do the first two together and do a hanging belay. I climbed, did ok, and set up the belay after much thinking - it had been a long time since I did a hanging belay. Then I belayed him up and belayed him on the second pitch. Uneventful except that again, it had been a long time since I set up a hanging belay, and I didn't really put it in a good place. By the time he got to the top, I was dying. My hips, my waist. Ouch. But I followed, and then we rapped down.

Uneventful. A good way to end the weekend.

Sorry, I took no photos except for this one on the drive home. I'm not sure it conveys, but the clouds were really interesting.


laura b. said...

haha! I like the part about the happy organic restaurant people. Living in So Cal, I'd say I definitely know the type.
Sounds like a great weekend and I really enjoyed hearing about it.
Those clouds look very...solid.

Churlita said...

I love cool cloud pics.

NoRegrets said...

Good, I'm glad Laura. This weekend may shape up to last another week!

It doesn't really come across but the really high clouds in the background made the puffy ones stand out so much more to me.

crazy4coens said...

Those clouds are beautiful! I love clouds. They seem so right!

NoRegrets said...

C4C... cool...

Sebastien said...

I didn't realize you did so much rock climbing. You should do some UFC, I bet you would be really good at it due to your fitness (plus a great outlet for anger, woohoo!)

Ananda girl said...

I find your rock climbing very interesting. I am a chicken. sigh

The cloud thing makes me laugh... mine did not look real either. I thought at the time that they looked like they could fall down from the weight of them. Ha!

Like Cube said to me yesterday... what a piece of synchronicity!