Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Booze cruise

Working backwards in time on the weekend...

Sunday was a gorgeous day, and a great day to be on the water. My friend P came with me, and it really was the perfect day for both of us. It was a weird weird, but amazingly friendly crowd. This couple we met on the way in and spent the entire cruise with. He even bought us all pizza!

So, here's one DJ, X-Ray, and another photo with both of them. I didn't really get a good photo of Glen Jones in his captain and tenille outfit.

Some of the characters we met, well, were caricatures. There was Mr. Suave, who I don't have a photo of. Seriously, he acted like he should have his shirt unbuttoned to his belly and would drive a Camaro. He walked by the group of four of us, and I saw he had a beer, and asked if he got it from the bar (we were desperate to start drinking). He turns, leans, juts out his crotch, and offers me a sip of his tequila and ice. I took it of course - why not take advantage? He was Mr. Smooth - at least he acknowledged the others, but he so wanted to get me alone to another part of the boat. Oh so tempting. But I resisted.

Then there was Mr. Clueless. Here's a photo.

I take his picture and he starts talking to me about how he knows the DJs from when they were kids. Blah blah, and mentions something about a long time ago, and that there's no way I could know about it. Then looks at my friend P, and says, well you're old enough to know, right. I just looked at P with my mouth open - Oh My God! I turned to him and said, you know we're the same age right. And instead of apologizing, he looks at P and says, there's no way you're the same age. I just looked at her, she looks at him "you know you just insulted me, right?". He still doesn't quite get that he should just run away, so I finally waved him off with a 'you're done'. Oh my god - I felt so badly.

Overall though, people were great and it was a beautiful day and they played great music. Here's the best song that came on.

So many sights. So many memories.


Tara said...

Mr. Clueless is a perfect name for him! What an ass! I hope he got so drunk that he had a crippling hangover for the rest of the week.

Pizza on a boat - sounds wonderful. And hanging out with various characters along with it sounds like a perfect event.

Ananda girl said...

Oh jeeezzzz... guys like that need to be put in a zoo!

Well I am glad that the rest of the cruise was a blast for you. I wish I had been there. Sounds fun.

I remember all the words to that song. Yikes.

Churlita said...

What a dill hole. How could he not get that he was being insulting?