Friday, October 30, 2009

That's the Way the World Goes Round

I was reminded of this song listening to WFMU and hearing a John Prine song. This is one of my favorites, and so appropriate all the time. Ups and downs lately: got an interview for a job in California, either via videoconference or in person. Got my wonderful long amazingly cut hair cut yesterday and I hate it. Too short, not styled well, etc. I wanted a replica of what I had, and did not get it. Is that ever possible? Of course, just in time for tons of important meetings. Trying to tell myself that I'm more than my hair.

Here's the song. The first 2 minutes is the song. I think he talks after that and has interesting stuff to say, but I'm at work!!! Gotta go work.


Churlita said...

I just trim my own hair, because hardly anyone knows how to cut curly hair, apparently. I hope it grows out quickly.

Sebastien said...

That's the problem with hair cuts. Can't always be sure they are going to turn out the way you'd like. I'm seriously considering investing in wigs for this reason... also, wigs might be a good investment given the fact that I might go bald.

Good luck with your meetings!

Ananda girl said...

My daughter never had her hair cut until she was 11... then she decided to do it. She cried and cried and cried. It was terrible. I would have superglued every piece back on one by one if I could have.