Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homeless American Girl


You know what an American Girl doll is, right? Well, they introduced a homeless one. Amazing. A $95 doll that is homeless.

Here's an article with one opinion about it.

I find it to be in the intersection of interesting and wrong. Sure, it teaches something about about the issues in America, but there are so many associated lessons that can go wrong because the homelessness issue itself is so complex.

I can just see a little girl giving a homeless person on the street money to go get her hair done.


AlienCG said...

I'm finding a lot wrong with this. $95 for a doll is bad enough, but this whole backstory idea to make them human is just disturbing.

Squirrel said...

There was a very interesting article on Slate as well, or maybe it was doublex. What kills me is that none of the profits from sales goes to shelters or anything like that.

laura b. said...

I find dolls in general a bit creepy. Only Barbie gets a pass, because she is Barbie. The rest of the doll world can disappear forever and I'd be okay.

Ananda girl said...

I wonder how many little homeless girls will get one of those dolls? Isn't that sad to use their plight to make money that never goes toward solving the trouble?

Homeless adults do not bother me that much, they have some options and are better able to deal... but homeless children disturb me greatly. We have over 3,000 children who are homeless registered in the public school system In Portland Oregon. They even opened a special school where their particular needs are met... showers, free laundry, donated clothes, etc. How tragic.

Churlita said...

Yeah. What a bizarre concept. It all seems so ridiculous to me.

Tara said...

Do the proceeds go to homeless shelters?

That is a strange idea for a doll.