Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've been anxious since Friday about my interview tomorrow, so not really almost able to breathe. I did manage to climb some today. And yesterday got to drive my friend's BMW with a great sound system - blasting an old Kings of Leon album which was great.


I thought of hope today as I watched all the birds. One in particular was standing still in the water, waiting for a fish to go by. Hoping for a fish to go by. I had forgotten my camera, so here's a photo of the bird. Ok, just realized it's a bunch of photos together from here:

I will write Monday night...and comment then too.


crazy4coens said...

Breathing is important. Please remember to do it;-)

Churlita said...

Nice bird pics. I saw a great blue heron in a tree across the street from my place the other day and it made me so happy. Herons are my favorite birds.

laura b. said...

Animals do live lives of hope, don't they? Human animals too, ideally.

I will look forward to hearing about how awesome your interview went.

Tara said...

A bird waiting and hoping for a fish to swim by is such a perfect example! I've seen the white cranes standing in the nearby lake do that. Very patient.