Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday Hunt - Honored

I went apple picking today here:

Amazing, eh?

These were granny smith. There weren't very many and difficult to find even on a good day. But I was really there to get another variety (Stayman) and got a 1/2 bushel from their bins. ($10)

Well, it was the same place I had gone strawberry picking back in May. I felt very honored that the guy who made my caramel apple for me (actually #2) remembered me. (He made me a second because I said I didn't think the first was the apple variety I wanted. I said no repeatedly but he made it and gave it to me and who was I to refuse? So I helped them - took money, handed out cider - while I ate it.) And no! Yet again, this is just a nice guy. I met his wife in the strawberry fields. (OK, that sounds faintly dirty...but again, not meant that way).

[you know, this was the toughest word ever for me!]


Ananda girl said...

Hahaha... funny! Nice post. I like your story. BTW... I tagged you for next week if you are up to it!

Thanks for playing my word.

AlienCG said...

I've never been apple picking. For some reason, it sounds quite pleasant. Great story and great photos.

Tara said...

I love your photos for this word, and I love the fact that someone made you two caramel apples.

Beautiful shots, I took some Fall photos today too and will have to post them.

Sebastien said...

Apple picking... brings back good memories from when I was little and living in Indiana, friends and I would go apple picking in the fall.

Churlita said...

I used to take my girls apple picking every year. I loved it.

Great take on the word, by the way.

radicalmom said...

staymans and winesaps are the best reason to live around there.. i miss them.... :) a.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh........what a gorgeous tree. And what pretty apples!

I love apple picking. Mostly I do it from the neighbours tree--he leaves the picker out for me so I can steal THE very best ones from the top! :-)


NoRegrets said...

Ananda...jeez, I'm thinking. OK, weenie!
Alien, it's nice! and you get good apples out of it too.
Tara, thank you :-)
Sebastien - ah, so that's how you know everyone? From Indiana?
Churlita, I grew up apple picking too. And I thought I kinda faked the take on the word, but thanks!
Radicalmom - actually, I'm not sure how winesaps taste. I'll have to find one.
Mel, I wish I had a good apple tree next door to me!

laura b. said...

I love apple picking! Beautiful pictures...and I think you worked the word very well :-)

Tara said...

PS: Have you chosen a word yet for next Saturday?