Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starting a new topic - letters from the past

In an attempt to clean out my old papers, I'm going to start sharing pieces of letters I received from as far back as middle school. I still have a lot of actual, real, letters, and they really must go (ok, except for a few special ones, like the one in which my dad actually wrote a paragraph - and he NEVER wrote much at all beyond his signature).

So, here goes:
Dear Pamela,
I miss you SO MUCH!!! I wish you were here (no, actually I wish I was there!!) Well, anyway, howeryadoin? Incredibly fantastic and amazing I hope! I'm so glad you called tonight - it felt awesomely wild to hear your voice again. [...blah blah blah] I have to tell you I spent all weekend trying to convince myself that I wouldn't miss you that much and that two weeks wasn't really that long but Sunday night there was a thunderstorm and I went to the window to watch it and the first and only thing I could think about was you and how much I really, really miss you.

Me again:
OK, I had to share that one because I think a year later, freshman year in college, I received a letter from him that started: Dear Bitch. Receiving that sent me into my first ever spiral of deep depression. But now, I think it's damn funny. And not so surprising given that he was way off the deep end in the 'you're great' way. He had to go all the way the other way later.

Excuse me while I go rip up this card into little pieces.


Churlita said...

I have found that guys who are "oh, I'm sooooo in love with you..." Tend to go off the deep end the other way when they don't get what they want or you question them at all.I have a hard time trusting the mushy gushy stuff from guys, because I've seen where it can go.

Ananda girl said...

Okay. I have a cold and I am sleep deprived (because I am an idiot). I am not sure that I understand. Those were not from your dad right? Those were from a jerk boyfriend. Wow. Dear Bitch??? No wonder you became depressed.

laura b. said...

Hm, yeah...for some people the highs are really high, but the lows are really low. Still...that little excerpt was quite nice if you don't think about what came later.

Sebastien said...

Watch out for the crazy ones! (actually, we're all crazy :)

But you know what I mean, hehe.

Starting off a message with "Dear Bitch," yeah, that's classy. Glad you ditched that guy! but I would love to hear the rest of that letter, just for some good old-fashioned laughs.

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