Friday, October 9, 2009

Where I will be Sunday afternoon

Part of Glen and X. Ray's 2009 Marathon victory included convincing Station Manager Ken to let them host their very own booze cruise. Because you stood by their side during the Marathon, we are offering you first dibs and a special discount on the first-ever IBJ Schmooze Cruise!

Who: WFMU's Glen Jones and X. Ray Burns and YOU!

What: The IBJ Schmooze Cruise around Manhattan, plus live broadcast.

When: Sunday, October 11th (the vessel boards at noon sharp, and the cruise will last until approx 4pm).

Where: Aboard the S.S. Jewel, departing from New York Skyports Marina, 2430 FDR Drive, East Service Road (at E. 23rd St), New York, NY.

Details: Light snacks will be provided, and the ship is equipped with a cash bar.

I'm such a WFMU geek! Sorry I haven't been very interesting writing lately. I took a wallop from the Monday night non interview and have retreated into a cave. Also, my meds have thrown me for a loop. I was all great, and now I fear I'm not so much (like, for instance, spent 20 minutes in my office yesterday crying). So trying to see how it goes. Recoup.

And the slugs came back. UGH. So I stuff newspaper under the door. I hope they don't come in anymore.


Ananda girl said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! The booze cruise, not the unhappy part. I hope you get your meds straightened out quickly and feel better.

laura b. said...

You so deserve that booze cruise. It will be fun to meet other appreciators of WFMU.

radicalmom said...

pictures, we want actual evidence!! :0

Churlita said...

I hope you get happier soon. Why is it that slugs or ants or whatever seem to invade when we're in a funk and can't even deal with the thought of them?

Susan said...

Put out a bowl of beer for them. At least they'll be in there instead of all over the place.

Happy thoughts to you!!!!!!