Friday, January 11, 2008

Damn them insurance companies

So, the disability insurance company won't accept a note from the doctor saying that I am ok to be at work. They want something that says that I am fully recovered. Of COURSE the doctor won't write that. He's a back doctor. Noone is ever fully recovered.

I talked to the president of our company and she said there aren't many that companies that will insure small organizations. She can call them and say they'll have to go with another arrangement/company. But what good will that do? Not sure. And not sure I have a case for any lawyer to take but I'll check with my friends.

I may be up against a wall, and I hate that. Some insurance is better than none? Bullshit.


heather said...

this is a shitty situation. for you, and your company.

NoRegrets said...

Yup. Still not sure what to do.

Desiree said...

Well said.