Sunday, January 13, 2008

WNG meme

…(two names you go by)…
1. Wussy Girl
2. Pebbles (as in Pebbles and Bam Bam)

...(two things you are wearing right now)...
1. Pearl stud earrings (always)
2. Sports bra

...(two things you would want (or have) in a relationship)..:
1. Laughter
2. Diversity

...(two of your favorite things to do)...:
1. Breathe
2. Laugh

...(two things you want very badly at the moment)...:
1. To go to the bathroom
2. For someone to make me a cup of tea, but I'm gonna have to make it myself.

...(two pets you had/have)...:
1. Cleo
2. Rudy (aka Rude Boy, aka Rudolf Valentino)

...(two people you think will fill this out)...:
1. Tera (because she needs a push to post)
2. Cyber (he seemed to like losing his virginity to Susan)

...(two things that you did last night)...:
1. drank a lot of wine
2. pet a dog

...(two things you ate today)...:
1. green papaya salad
2. banana (every day!)

…(two people you last talked to)...:
1. B.....
2. my husband

...(two things you're doing tomorrow)...:
1. personal trainer session
2. working

...(two longest car rides)...:
1. Eugene, OR to NJ via the southern route
2. Los Angeles, CA to NJ via the northern route

...(two favorite holidays)...:
1. 4th of July (no gift required)
2. President's Day (because it helps you make through the long winter)

...(two favorite beverages)...:
1. herbal tea
2. seltzer

…(two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to)...:
1. Dad (so many things I never asked him)
2. Maternal Aunt (she died before I was born)

Tagging Tera and Cyber!


Churlita said...

I wish we got president's day off. WE get MLK day off, but it's too close to NYE. Our next holiday is Memorial Day.

DBN said...

Just because if there was a category for persons less likely to answer, I will be there:

-I have no nicknames

-I always wear underwear.

-In a relationship, trust and fun

- I want very badly to take a nap, to avoid working (why do you think I'm writing this out!?)

- favorite things - to read; to hang out with friends

-pets - Darwin and Summer

-no other person I know will fill this out

-I went food shopping last night; I also slept

-I ate pineapple yogurt with nuts and drank diet pepsi(does a drink count?)

-last 2 people I talked to were from work

-tomorrow I'm going to work; I will also read bedtime stories to my kids

-longest car ride - from Rhode Island to New Mexico and back (in 4 weeks); and from Chicago to Dc (in 2 days)

-favorite holidays - hallowen, and 3 kings day

-drinks - seltzer and skim milk

-talk to dead people: my mother-in-law and my maternal grandfather, whom I never met

NoRegrets said...

That's weird that you get one but not the other Churlita...

And DBN, I was going to put you down but I didn't think you'd do it! Ha, will wonders never cease. And mmmmm... seltzer and milk combined. what a combo.

Susan said...

I don't even get MLK day off. I'm just screwed until Memorial Day.

heather said...

HAH! you wusses, i don't get another holiday off till thanksgiving. that's right, we work all year except for t-day and christmas. the cool thing is though, that we still get holiday pay, and extra 8 hours even though we work it.

WNG said...

I love it when people do what I tell them to. Power rush.


No more coffee for G.

NoRegrets said...

Heather, so they force you to work and pay you extra... interesting.
WNG, a buzz is a good thing. I'm riding high on sugar right now.