Monday, January 7, 2008

Since everyone else is doing it

Since I can't participate in the itunes thing, I'll write my thoughts of American Gladiator (at least the first hour). Fun, fun and fun.
- I truly admired Venus for sticking it out and finishing the event and ultimately winning. Way to go! I think she'll be destroyed in later sessions, but she was great to watch.
- I wonder if the Wolfman is ever going to get tired of howling.
- I think one of the female gladiators is kind of a wuss - the one with the dark hair and smallish boobs - she's too nice and not out for blood like the others are.
- I wonder what would happen if someone couldn't swim the whole way under the fire and had to go up for air (which could happen with some of those muscle-bound men) - will they be burnt?

I still think they should bring back Fear Factor though.


Susan said...

I was watching it last night and the Red Girl contendor barely made it out from under the wall before she surfaced for air. I was like "OMG she's going to burst into flameeee"..

Yes, little things amuse me.

NoRegrets said...

Ha! I noticed that too!