Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Update

- Good beer and good food made the football games better on Sunday. Sad that Packers and Patriots will not be playing, but the Packers really played horribly, and they didn't deserve to be in the Superbowl.
- Didn't do any painting. Did shred old tax returns back to 1990. It's so embarassing that I messed up the 1040 EZ form back then. What a doofus. And then had to pay penalties, etc.
- Watched 3:10 to Yuma. It was pretty good. Kind of surprising at the end...
- Rounded a corner too fast and cut a big hole in my tire, so had to buy two new tires.
- Made fresh pasta! It was so much fun! OK, once I realized I needed to use machines. I started off following the Italian cookbook I have, in which they say everything has to be done by hand. I did make the dough by hand, and one batch I added fresh sage. But I eventually said screw that. My sister had given me one of those traditional crank out pasta machines. You move the rollers closer and closer together to make it thinner and thinner. One strip I made so thin you could almost see through! And then there's another attachment which cuts it into fettucine or spaghetti, again by cranking. So cool! I made a mess in the kitchen but it was kind of worth it. The first time is always the hardest. :-)


heather said...

3:10 to yuma just arrived in my mailbox today. i plan on watching it when i get home tonight.
guess the 1040ez wan't so easy after all was it? ;-)
i haven't made homemade pasta in ~years~ since i was a teen i think. i think it's time to teach cheeks, she'll enjoy being able to customize the shapes. :-)

Susan said...

I haven't ate pasta in 22 days.

I have, however, lost 17 pounds...I guess it all evens out.

Tera said...

Pasta is my WEAKNESS, yay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was glued to my couch all weekend...I did manage to whip some chili up though, and can you believe I did not drink one alcholic beverage??? I'm slipping!

NoRegrets said...

Heather, no, I'm just horrible with money. Numbers, no. Money, yes.

Susan, congrats on the 17 pounds! That's great!

Not one alcoholic beverage. So that means 15?