Thursday, January 10, 2008

The day after

So, yesterday was my first session with the trainer. There were some interesting exercises, but nothing was horribly difficult. As I wrote in my comments, the only 'fuck me' moment was when he was stretching my lower back. This morning I woke up pleasantly sore in different places.

I guess this morning I was focused on that feeling, since for the first time ever I forgot both my underwear AND my bra. Ack! Luckily I had a clean-ish sports bra, and luckily I planned to wear tights today. But, I found out I'm more sore than I thought when I was putting my tights on. It almost literally took me 10 minutes to get them on! And they aren't even support tights! I kept having to take rests. And mooning the rest of the poor women in the process. Of course, I also had the difficulty of one leg of the tights consistently twisting so I'd get it up over my knee and it wouldn't go any further.

The day can only get better, right?


Susan said...

I have a run in my hose..I wish I'd opted for the tights today instead.

heather said...

tights and hose suck. they must have been designed by men. i refuse to wear either.

stick with it or the pain was all for naught.

NoRegrets said...

Well, it was painful to pull up the tights, but I will indeed stick with them, since otherwise I'd have nothing resembling underwear.

Oh, that's not what you meant? :-)

I actually love tights. Hate hose - damn things run too easily. Stupid bad manufacturing.

fringes said...

I'm a trouser socks kinda gal. I'm usually wearing pants, so I can get away with that. The days I'm wearing them with a mini-skirt--not so cute.

dbn said...

You probably made those women's day by mooning them!

squirrel said...

Ummm, not going to weigh in on the raging undies/bra/tights debate you've got going here, but I will say welcome to the wonderful world of physical training! I remember when I started taking yoga classes regularly, and I would limp home most days. Actually, I still do that on a pretty regular basis.

NoRegrets said...

oooh fringes - struttin' the sexy stuff today! :-)

DBN, I doubt it very much.

Squirrel, I do lots of exercise stuff, but none of these muscles! And I actually do love it.