Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, I wrote this on facebook, but I really do seem to have ADD when it comes to house projects. NOTHING is finished! Lots of stuff started though.


Here's an example of a spontaneous (ish) project. It was supposed to be a nice day Sunday. So, I decided to paint my shed. Sigh. I say 'ish' because I had the paint/stain and the TSP (environmentally correct one). So I really was prepared. But BOY did it take a long time. And it's not done.

In the morning I scrubbed it with a strong TSP solution. Here you can see that it needed it.

Then it was time to paint. It took a lonnnng time to just do one wall! I started on the side and realized how long it was taking, so I moved to the front so I'd feel a sense of accomplishment. Thing is, it's made out of something called (my friend says) T111, which notoriously sucks up paint. And it has grooves, which have to be painted sort of separately. Anyways, here's the front. Realize my yard really isn't all that big - it just looks it in this photo.

Isn't it BLINDING? It takes over the yard! Crap crap crap. But I have to live with it because there's NO WAY I'm painting it again. I still have to finish the other walls. And I'm not doing the back wall. I don't have a ladder big enough and I just don't care enough.

So, what color should I paint the door?


Ananda girl said...

I would paint it red. But red is my favorite color and today someone told me that I am color blind and crazy... so there you have it!

laura b. said...

Aw, it won't look so white white for long I imagine. Maybe something soft for the door, like a mossy green?

Mel said...

Definitely white.
Definitely a big task with all the soaking up it does. But really, it'll tone down.

Churlita said...

Hey, at least you're working on stuff. It will all come together eventually.

AlienCG said...

Just keep going at a comfortable pace and it will all get done. Don't keep looking back at where you started, look at where you're going.

Sebastien said...

I think the white will soften up with time, looks good. Paint the door fire red!