Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I could show you but I'm not

The grout is going in tomorrow. Amazing. I'll put up a photo tomorrow.

For now, I'll share with you my favorite lyrics from this weekend as I listened to country on the way back from visiting my friend.

Country song 1

she said hey boy do you mind taking me home tonight cuz i aint never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high
i said climb on up but watch the cup that i spit my dip inside and hold on tight cuz its gonna be wilder then any 8 second ride
we went ridin around rockin to the sound of a country boy can survive
and i knew then that she was my kinda girl cuz she was singin every single line

Country song 2

5 foot something, cherry balm she had everything going on
The first thing that caught my eye
She was rockin’ the beer gut and I love the way she’s not ashamed
Rockin’ the beer gut well it’s just some extra love around her waist
Rockin’ the beer gut she’s more than hot, she’s everything and with the blue jeans a little tight around her butt
Pretty little girl’s, rockin’ the beer gut


laura b. said...

Very...poetic. You know, in that sleazy country kind of way...

Churlita said...

Those are pretty sleazy. I bet they kept you awake on your drive though.

Susan said...

Oh NoR...Rockin' the beer gut. What's hilarious is if you happen to see the video no women in it are rocking a beer gut.