Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, the weekend ended up being an extremely busy one.
Friday night went with friends to see a friend's brother play in a band (an hour away). We made it there for the last two songs. Oops.
Saturday I finished the shed. As you know. I had to go the hardware store to see if they had a smalllll can of the stain/paint I was using and they didn't but I got to see my favorite paint guy. The guy with the attitude, but the knowledge to back it up and the blunt talk to get the point across. Reminds me of an ex boyfriend. We get along very well, but woo hoo, there's two, ok three, problems with getting to know each other further. 1) I'm a customer. 2) He has a pit bull. 3) He just turned 30 (HFS!). Oh, I also painted the ceiling and further prepped the windows.
Saturday night went out to dinner with M. Then went to see It Might Be Loud. Excellent excellent movie, if you like music. Really well done. We both left with smiles on our faces. How can you not when you see what joy these men have in playing guitar.
Sunday, more house work. Ugh. Never ends. But took 4 hours to drive myself to a lake and hang out and swim two times and relax in the sun. Imagine that. Oh, got ADD and painted outside railings. Got two more to go. In the evening met up with 3 friends and had a great time drinking and eating good food.
Monday, more work on the house. Managed to get by the end of the day two coats of the paint on the frames. Now all I have to do is put on the shades. I'm getting M's help for that - too scared to fuck it up. I also slopped some in the kitchen and the walls. And by 5 I was POOPED. So I sat and read a book (Shutter Island - realllly good).
So that was my boring but incredibly tiring weekend.

Planning for the day I can put the backsplash in.


laura b. said...

I guess if you can't date the paint guy you will just have to keep the projects coming so you can get some of that attitude.
I want to see It Might Be Loud!
Your weekend does not sound even remotely boring, but it does sound tiring...

Ananda girl said...

Sounds fun to me. You keep plugging at it and you'll get there... to that magical in place back splash.

Tara said...

I saw the preview to the movie version of "Shutter Island"...Looks like it's gonna be a strange, mysterious movie!

Pamela said...

Yeah, but then it might seem like I'm stalking him. I already hate talking to the other dude.

Ananda, we'll see...

Tara - I'm not saying a word.

Churlita said...

You weekend was WAY more exciting than mine. I didn't get to flirt with any guys I was remotely interested in in person, anyway.

Sebastien said...

I haven't heard of that movie, will google it. I'm not always on top of these things, but I do enjoy movies about music or musicians.

Did you ever see the Devil and Daniel Johnston? That was great, but extremely depressing. He is an artist/singer that I've loved a long time, but he has had some serious mental problems, and in spite of it all has been making wonderful (IMO) work.

Pamela said...

Churlita, yes, except overall, you get way more opportunities.

Sebastien - I will look that up!