Sunday, September 13, 2009


- put up my shades finally!!!!

This is to show you that the paint that they said would match the color of the top bar of the shades doesn't quite match. I will say in a certain light it does. So, will have to go back to YPM (young paint man) to ask what the deal is.

They really make such a HUGE difference. And you know what? They are EXCELLENT. If they weren't so damn expensive, I'd have them everywhere in the house.

Today I went climbing with the ex. When he first called me last minute on Friday, I was feeling a little weird/a little used. But then realized that one thing I've wanted is to follow someone who climbs hard. Well, that he does. We climbed three 5.10's (trad -named Venom, Breakneck, and something else). And I swore up every one. Got a nicely bruised thumb. My fingers survived. And had a really nice time. Odd odd. We talked on the way out about how we both felt pathetic. Him because he's been a climbing slut, but outside of climbing doesn't really see/talk to anyone. Me because I have climbed like 5 times outside this season. It was odd too to have him reference something we did together when we were married (rented a canoe when it was pouring rain and went down the river near the climbing area) and to have it be mostly ok.

Many other nice things happened this weekend, but I'm tired. I will say I have to learn to watch my liquor intake. Too much wine Friday night and a friend dropped me into the hostess' open dishwasher. You'd think I'm a lush, but I'm not. Thankfully handy men abound...


Churlita said...

I like the blinds.

It's good that you and the ex can still hang out together. I want to hear more weekend stories, please.

laura b. said...

Your blinds look great!

I, too, think it is good you can climb with your ex. You both enjoy reason you can't enjoy it together now and then.

Ananda girl said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. It's great that you two can do things together and talk.

I fell into a suitcase once... yeah, about the same sort of deal. At least you can laugh at it. :-)

Pamela said...

Thanks Churlita.

And yes, it's nice to climb with him once in a while.

Ananda - did the person close it and cart you off?

Susan said...

You lush. :)

Pamela said...

ok, well maybe I am... but it's fun!