Thursday, September 3, 2009


What's with all the acronyms with me lately? Not sure.
What Would You Do?
Would you listen to your gut and say no to a friend?
Would you let something go because in the end it's just not important enough to risk a friendship for?
Is it truly a friendship?
Not sure.
Not sure WIWD.

No new floor tonight. Long story. In part has to do with the above. I had hoped for a nicer evening. Instead there's anxiety. Kinda hard to let it go.

In any event, got word that my brother got the book. Has it in hand. Will be given to my mom tomorrow morning. I'm very excited. Wish I could be there. But it will be filmed, and I'll see the film. I kinda on purpose wanted to not be there. I tend to come up with ideas and they get implemented and at least once in the past I've gotten all the credit, when it's been all my siblings *and* me that have made it happen. So, I won't be there. Kinda sad though.

Believe it or not (I can hardly believe it), I'm coming up on my 1,000th post. Weird. I have been taking time to go back into my archives and delete drafts, so I know when it's truly 1,000. Maybe I'll make a cake and send y'all a piece. And though he is here no longer, I thank the Gnome for connecting me with your world, piece by piece, person by person.

I'm going to go to bed early to get rid of this anxiety. Maybe I won't wake up at 4 am like I have been. We'll see.


Ananda girl said...

Oh I hope you sleep well.

Pamela said...


laura b. said...

It is always hard to know what I'd do in any give situation. In general, if it wasn't terribly important I might let it go for the sake of friendship...if it was friendship.
I hope that the gift giving goes well and that your anxiety is alleviated on all fronts.

Churlita said...

Yeah. All that stuff is situational, and without knowing the situation, I don't know what I'd do.

I hope you continue to feel less and less anxious throughout the day.

Mel said...

I stay away from the WWYD questions in much as I can, that is.
I have my experiences to share. If people walk away with something from that, great. My personality is different than others--so sharing what I'd do is kinda irrelevant, yaknow?

I do tend to listen to my 'gut'--the times I've ignored it have endorsed just how much I really do need to listen to it.

Maybe sleep found you last evening?
Today's a brand new day--I hope it's filled with sunshine and warmth.......