Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I had an inspiration on the way home today but it is gone now. Here's a haiku.

Nodding off at work
I don't give a flying fuck
I need a new job

Oh boy, that's pretty bitter. Here. I'll make up for it.

Riding in the rain
Take one slip and you will fall
You! wear a helmet.

I did that on Tuesday. Riding away from the gym. No helmet on. Thank goodness I had big bike bags because the bike did not go completely horizontal and I could get my feet out and land sort of upright. Screamed of course. Hmm... I still could be more upbeat.

Now the heat is gone
Now summer slips into fall
Now the crickets chirp

So, a little bit better. I love having the windows open and hearing the crickets. And the birds in the morning. For some reason the blue jays are back and I love listening to them. I guess they don't like hot weather?

The season changes
A new life is being built
One brick at a time

I'm trying to gather energy to build up my new life. To have the energy to go out and meet new people. New climbers. New friends. I'm allowing myself to be kinda a hermit for a little while though. As long as I don't get sucked into self pity and depression. Trying not to. Patience, grasshopper.


Susan said...

I prefer the first out of all of them. I had a pretty bitter day yesterday, though, and am being overly emotional. :|

Sebastien said...

So glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself. Tsk, tsk, I must mother you and tell you to always wear a helmet :)

The first one reminds me of Ed Norton in Fight Club, he makes some haiku about he hates working at his office.

NoRegrets said...

Susan, sorry that you felt the same!!!

Sebastien - that was a great movie, wasn't it? I do wear my helmet most of the time. I'm vain for 3 blocks.

laura b. said...

I like the way your worked yourself up into more cheerful haikus. Did it help your mood?

Ananda girl said...

I personally connected most with the last. I find it comforting and positive.

I am terrible at haiku. You have talent.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, it was a good thing.

Aw, thanks Ananda...

Churlita said...

Nice Haiku's. Drag about falling off your bike. I need to be better about wearing a helmet when I ride.