Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twitter Tuesday

I met a former colleague on the street last week. We chatted about stuff, including my divorce. She tells me: I knew the day I married him that I shouldn't have married him. But I stayed because I wanted kids. Sixteen years later we divorced.


I joke around a lot with the door guys. The one guy who only takes over for lunch is pretty damn funny - we get along very well. He's young-ish, married, and has 5 girls. Whew! Anyway, the other day I caught the transition time, so my regular door guy friend was taking over and the replacement had to go do other work. Noone was in the lobby. I thought he was walking down the stairs to the basement to do something, but he follows me into the elevator. I did a fake scream. He busted out laughing and said that any other place he'd been mad. But he was laughing hard. I think about that and damn, I'm nuts.


Oh, and despite all the warnings from my psychiatrist about the new level of medication I was supposed to take, I managed to screw it up. I was supposed to be taking 175 mg and instead I took 225 mg for a month. Apparently that's why I've been having trouble with waking up early (4 am every day), because there's too much 'up'. So now I take away the leftover antidepressant and we'll see how that goes. But really, it's working. I feel all the stuff that has been happening for the last year, but it's way muted. I can control it. Both good and bad. So, I'm happy.


Oh, and one thing from the weekend. M came over to help me Saturday, so I took him out to dinner. He really liked the place, which was good. Then we went for a walk and sat down in the beautiful night, and listened to a blues player. It was perfect, except for the fact that he wasn't my boyfriend. Oh well.


Ananda girl said...

Sounds like a lovely night.

Ah... those pills. I have been there. Glad they are working. The alternative is crap.

Tara said...

That still sounds like a wonderful, relaxing night.

I like playing the hostess at my place (I'll have to try it in my new place now).

laura b. said...

Could M be your boyfriend or is he off limits in some way?

Pamela said...

Ananda, it was. And pills are good. Better living through drugs!

Tara, yes.

Laura, well, it just wouldn't work. We'd kill each other. As he says, you can put up with stuff from a friend that you wouldn't with a significant other.

Churlita said...

I'm glad you got the medication figured out. I hope things go better now.

That does sound like a nice evening. I'd take it, even with a friend instead of a boyfriend.

Sebastien said...

I'm sure there's a saying somewhere about how "overmedicating is the only way to go!"

But glad things are working with the meds.