Thursday, May 20, 2010

Assorted and advice sought for colleague

- still a tad crazy. hope to get to visit blogs today.
- evil Laura wants me to get both places so we have to choose. well, already seem to have one in the bag. gotta hear from the other. stall stall stall!
- I think it's pretty funny that one of my FB friends that I've never met (got through WFMU) wants me to start a blog about my adventures moving west
- it's amazing what you can learn by experiencing bad management; actually, not just bad, but spiteful management. I had to talk to a colleague for 45 minutes to assure her that it's not her, it's her manager. (she got a bad review, made up because she stood up to her boss, who is a known and certified nut case - meant in the non-discriminatory way (it's more than just a mental illness)).

actually - what would you tell her? she's been on the verge of quitting for over a year. she actually put in her letter of resignation and was begged to stay by many people, including at least one of the team of three that supported this bad review. she's received excellent reviews for the past 8 years, and takes on extra projects, and does them well. her boss is known not only for being demanding, but for flying off the handle for very little reason. and a workaholic. and a whiner. but very smart and gets a lot done, so, no reason to make her go. she was stunned with the review, and so when they asked her if she had a response she had none at the moment. one of the them cried out: "let it go on the record that she has no comment!"

I told her:
- do not quit tomorrow. at the minimum do a work slowdown
- write an email today or tomorrow saying you want indeed to respond, you were just shocked with the review
- ask for examples of each and every negative thing that was written about her. have responses ready when they are listed
- give examples of the extra work she has done and its success
- put responses in writing, and summarize everything she has done so this also goes into her permanent record
- work slowdown some more to give time to find a new job
- if do not find a job in a month, quit


Ananda girl said...

Wow. That sucks about your friend's review.

I think I agree with almost all you have for suggestions. She should do those things! The only thing I am iffy about is quitting after a month.

I have been at my job for 16 years and have gotten good reviews in my evaluations except for one bad one. I know how awful that feels. Especially when you have been doing good work. It was a good eleven years ago.

My boss at that time was one of those who tell this person one thing and that person the complete opposite. He bent to whoever was the most agressive. So, when I had a problem with a rat of a person, I had reported to my boss that she had gotten too physically agressive with a student. She wanted me fired.

I guess my saving grace was the fact that other teachers stood up and wrote letters on my behalf, demanding that the review be removed from my record.

That is about all I can suggest to go with your ideas... co-workers could write testimonials for her to put in her file as well.

laura b. said...

You gave great advice, NoRegrets.

And I'm sorry (not!) that you got both places, but not at ALL surprised. I can't wait to hear which you decide upon, and why :-D

Churlita said...

Wow. That sucks. I think you gave really good advice.

Pamela said...

Thank you all (and Ananda for following my plea/command (?) :0)