Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi there! How was YOUR weekend??

Mine, well, guess. Yep. House house house.

Saturday M's - bringing documents to shred (M has all his dad's old stuff - receipts back 30+ years). Going to Habitat ReStore to drop off a load of stuff (including two children's chairs I got a while back for free, and a couple bought them immediately - woo hoo! $10 for Habitat! I also bought some brown paint for the triangle thing in my basement ($1). When I opened it up, it looks like molten chocolate! OMG. Then washing windows - PIMFA. He has the old style pane glass... ugh. Not washed in 10-15 years.

Sunday brought my house. The air conditioning didn't work - it's getting fixed today I hope. M installed all the vents - I prepped them before he did that. He urethaned a few areas in the basement. I mowed the lawn. I started painting the dining room (around the windows). He primed the fixes in the lr ceiling. I prepped dinner and started it. What's funny is that we had good steaks again, and we both felt like having hot dogs. But we had to eat steak, dammit. And to be quite honest, even though it was local and all that good stuff, it really wasn't all that good.

Great BBQ plantain recipe though. I cooked them in the skin, so it didn't quite work, but it would be really tasty on skewers.


Tara said...

I have a hard time choosing between steak and hotdogs too, sometimes - especially when both smell so good on the barbecue.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

In was busy tending to stuff around here then relaxed Sunday with a little hangover.. Today is steak day.. BBQing is great now that the weather is warmer..Hotdogs are tasty too!

laura b. said...

You two are quite the team!

I think I might go for the hotdogs too, given the choice. A little steak goes a long way with me :-)

I've never had plantains, but that recipe sounds great!

Pamela said...

I normally don't eat steak - especially this frequently. I was trying to be nice to M. but really would have liked hot dogs, which he ended up wanting too.

Mrs., indeed.

Laura, you should try! They really are good.

Churlita said...

We did brats and hotdogs last night. So good on the grill. I'm in awe of how much you guys get done in a weekend. I suppose if I had another person to help, I'd get more done too. Sigh.

Mel said...

I wanna Habitat ReStore close to me. Hmmmm.....wonder if there is one...

And I'm a no meat kinda gal. But if it involves skewered veggies--I'm IN!