Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The San Francisco treat.

I actually saw some rice a roni in the supermarket tonight...

Back home. Billy is happy to have me back, which is nice. I'm tired, and going to bed. Still have not had time to read, sorry.

So, we went to the single family home. Funny because we scoped it in the AM and we were thinking, hmmm... should we really go back? But when we went back in the afternoon it turns out there's a north and south which we knew, but the dividing line was not where we thought, so we were at someone else's house. No wonder the guy fixing the fence looked at me like I was nuts. It also might have been because I didn't speak Spanish.

So, a 1911 house. Single family shotgun style home. $100 more than Chatty Chuck's. HUGE-MONGOUS back yard, with strawberries currently growing and very yummy. Lots of storage. AMAZING built in china cabinet. HUGE kitchen (with lots of wasted space) and a really old stove that still works. Really nice owners. We applied for that one too. And we are soooo torn about which one we'd want if given the choice of both. Believe it or not, Chatty Chuck's is way better inside.

So, we'll see. After seeing the house, I went back to Chuck's to take a few more photos. His son won his baseball games, which was good. And he's keeping the closet doors we told him not to get rid of. And apparently the woman we saw when we were leaving who cast an evil eye our way (she really looked like a witch) said to him 'how can I make it happen that I get this property to rent'? What can I do to get this - implying she'd give some sort of bribe. Chatty Chuck doesn't play by those rules.

Sigh. I hope one works out. But maybe not both. Because then we'd have to decide. But there are worse things in life. I really don't want to have to go back there for another search. I really really don't.


laura b. said...

Sounds like each place you applied for has something going for it. I hope you get both...not to be mean, but just because in the end it is kind of nice to have a choice :-)

Churlita said...

I can't wait to hear which one you get. I'm so excited for you guys.

NoRegrets said...

Laura - you are evil!
Churlita - will keep everyone informed.