Thursday, May 6, 2010

Make it stop!

I have literally spent thousands of dollars on my teeth in the past 5 months (root canal, crowns, night guard). I used to have an overbite and had a retainer for it, and the night guard is supposed to keep it the way it is supposed to be but I fear that when they took the impression it wasn't in the right spot so it's not going to keep it in the right spot. I sit here and think that there are things wrong. My bite is wrong. There's random pain (small small pain - is it really there?). My front teeth are hitting my lower teeth (overbite). AAAAAAHHHH! Not sure if any of it is true. I think I fear leaving my dentist behind. AAHH! Waaahhhh.

OK, I should go focus on something else. WHAT???

Sigh. Maybe I'll take more anti-anxiety meds. Pop them like candy. Ha.


laura b. said...

Forget popping the pills like candy. Just have some candy. Thats what I sometimes do when I'm anxious. But I guess that is MY issue :-)

Churlita said...

I hate dental work. My dentist is fine and everything, but the less I see him, the better.

Mel said...

Might wanna just double check with the dentist's office. Buys a bit of security given the move and the amount of bucks spent.

Just sayin'..... OR--you could just pop pills. LOL