Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's not even officially on the market

And I had someone come by to look at it today. Seems they were just about to submit a contract for the one down the street from me, and my realtor told the other realtor that she should see my place. They were here for an hour. A good sign.

And then I talked to my realtor and she said another person wanted to look at it. The MRIS listing isn't even up. I haven't even seen the photos!

So, maybe it's gonna sell? I hope so!

I'm taking a day off and going away. M doesn't feel he can go, but our mutual friend and I are going. He showed an iota of sympathy this morning and I started crying. So, I need a day off. And I'm taking it.


Mel said...

Wow--wouldn't THAT be a bonus and a half!

I'm gonna hope you enjoyed that 'day off' and had loads of fun! (fun is required yaknow!)

laura b. said...

Your house will sell :-) And enjoy your day off and away. You deserve it.

Churlita said...

Weird. I'm reading this after the fact. How exciting all of this is.