Thursday, May 13, 2010


The rest of my weekend worth writing about was Saturday night's unofficial reunion of high school friends. It was all serendipitous - two friends were in town from way far away (Hong Kong and Italy) and so the party was organized. I have not seen some of these people in over 25 years! Ah, the power of Facebook.

I was a little bit nervous, but at least this time around I have an interesting life to talk about. (I went to a small itty bitty reunion last summer - recently divorced, no friends, etc.) I had a great time. Funny how people change but they don't.

I got there about an hour into the appetizer time (amazingly enough and unfortunately mapquest was right in terms of it taking at least 4.5 hours). Walk in the door and all I could say is 'this is ODD'. All these people!!! And when you're the newest person walking in the door, you don't get very far. One at a time people say hello. I just wanted a drink!!! :-) kidding.

Everyone was very excited to hear I'm moving to San Francisco, and I think I may get more visitors than I bargained for! Actually, I think no matter what I'm going to get more visitors than I bargained for. I've already made a rule in my head that I'm not going to the tourist attractions with every single person - especially the ones that cost money like Alcatraz.

Since everyone had a great time, there's talk of making it more frequent. One person seriously suggested next weekend. While they are great people, it's not high school anymore. But I never liked big groups anyway and like my independence. So, good thing I'm moving away. I sound so curmudgeonly...I think it's just the waking at 4:45 and not being able to get back to sleep. I'm no good with lack of sleep.

Off I go to try and do work.


laura b. said...

I have never gone to a high school reunion for one reason or another...this year is my 30th.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you have your plans for how to handle the visitors :-)

Churlita said...

That sounds cool...But definitely not every weekend.

Mel said...

Oh, what a brave thing. Leastwise I think it's brave. I've never done a reunion nor do I have any idea if they do them for my class. Like you, I'm not big on crowds.......and I'm not real fond of the reputation I made for myself wayyyy back when. LOL Yup--call me a chicken...LOL

Ananda girl said...

I also have never been to a reunion. The people from my high school all hide. But I managed to find two... thanks to blogger of all things. Funny how "paths that cross will cross again" really is true. Glad you had a good time, but hon... I'd have really been looking for that drink!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I had a chance to go to my 20th yr High School reuion, but in the end I didn't go.. The people I went to school with were not my friends and I was harrassed most of the time.. so I had no real nice memories..

Tara said...

I have run into so many of my former classmates through Facebook. If I knew it would be that easy, I would never have checked out!

There was a 5 year reunion for my high school, but I didn't go. Mainly because at the time I worked at McDonald's and at the time I was too embarrassed to talk about it.