Wednesday, August 1, 2007


As the clock ticks down to my return home, I wonder wonder wonder about things. High on my list today is differences between men and women in communication. And then I wonder if it's man/woman or me and the rest of the world. :-) I like and need to take things head on, and want to come to solutions NOW. This comes from growing up in a family that did not address things at all, and I did not want my life to continue to be that way. And then I marry a man who needs time to think about things, usually, mostly, and I have to be patient. And a man who thinks that time will solve things, and baby steps are the way to go. Me: Time and EFFORT will solve things, and baby steps eventually need to turn into crawling, and then walking and then running, in my opinion. Yet, also, it took me a long time to realize that living with someone, you do need to let some things slide, you don't HAVE to address everything head on, and it's not a weakness in the relationship if you don't. But being severely depressed for a while, when I had no energy to address anything anymore, I did not like that, and I am not depressed anymore (it feels great to write that and declare it) and it's going to be difficult to let anything slide for a while because I'm baaacckkk... Sigh. What is the correct balance???

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