Thursday, August 9, 2007


One of the presents I got for my birthday last year was a fiddle. Story is, I got a banjo for my husband for his birthday, just as a joke, never expecting him at all to want to learn how to play, and he decides he wants to learn how to play. So, he bought me a fiddle so we can start a band. It'll be a long time coming! :-)

So I went once to a fiddle-fest to try and meet people and get some tips. And I got both, which was great. Had one woman immediately try to teach me a song, she got another guy to tune the fiddle for me (and he rosined up my bow too), got an old-old timer to say hi, and he play Pop Goes the Weasel on my fiddle.

While I have a DVD to teach me how to play, I really think it's important to learn correctly from the start (how to hold the fiddle and bow, for example), so I've wanted to take lessons, but never did it. And being away from my husband, and wanting to get more music in my life, I decided to take the plunge. Tonight is my first lesson, and it might be a while before I make music, but hopefully I'm on my way. (and before you get too proud of me, there was a concert I wanted to go to for my birthday and my husband's lack of enthusiasm led me to cancel that idea - arg... - gotta get over that)

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