Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work Realization - Hypocrisy

So, I accepted finally that I'm a hypocrite!

I'm supervising a person (first time supervising). In my head I've expected her to come to me if she has issues.

I'm being supervised (of course). In my head I've expected her to touch base with me to see if I have issues.

So, I begin to rectify both situations.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's a pretty startling realization! Good for you! I'll steal it from you now, though, because I'm about to start a job where I'll be supervising others (first time)...and I am SO not the supervisor type. I'm more the "let's all do our jobs as quickly and thoroughly as we can so we can go home early" type.

NoRegrets said...

Yeah, I'm a 'leave alone and let smart people do their work' type of person, so it's a challenge.

I must say, for a little while I ignored the realization because it's easier to do nothing. But, that doesn't work in the long run, as I've learned. Just sucks that life can't stay 'perfect' and you have to keep addressing things. :-)