Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Someone said to me recently that I am very lucky. I don't know if he was being sarcastic or not, but it got me thinking...and googling (I love that that is a verb now, at least in my dictionary...). To a certain extent I think people create their luck. Now, when I googled, I came across something to back me up.

"Because you create your own luck and now there is a study that proves this - one that was in a recent issue of Reader's Digest."

Ha! If it's in Reader's Digest it HAS to be true.

Maybe it's like giving birth - if you don't remember the pain it didn't exist, so therefore all I have left is the luck? Here's what Reader's Digest said:

The more detailed results of this study found that lucky people are lucky because they seize opportunities, they create positive self-fulfilling prophecies and have a resilient attitude that allows them to turn bad luck into good luck by focusing on what went right, and how things could have been much worse - a process that allows them to be thankful for what happened and to look at the positive side of the situation.

Hmm... I was going to say that I'm not an optimist, but I don't think that's really saying that only optimists are lucky. I am fairly resilient, so that might fit. It can't be ALL in your mind though - like that woman who has the bestseller now says. (Darn, forget the name of that one.)

Am I really lucky? Not sure.

Or is it all -- Fate, Karma, Kismet, Yahtzee?

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