Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A memorable date

So, would you date this man? I did. Back when he had hair. I was reading the newspaper and ran across a mention of him. I have not been in touch with him at all, so it was interesting to read about him.

Obviously or not so obviously he works with wine. I can quite truthfully say that one of my dates with him was one of my more memorable ones ever. It might have been the second or third date (or more? not sure), and he invited me to picnic in the park - he would bring the wine, and I should bring the food. I can't remember whether he told me what he was bringing specifically, but he might have said he was bringing a red.

I love wine. I love food. But I had no idea what really goes together. (I've learned a little since then. Though sometimes I still just get lucky, like when I had two nice bottles of champagne, and one ended up going great with a cheese plate, and the other with the really sweet dessert...mmm...still remember that). So, I brought something that looked nice and that was from a good store - including wraps, with salmon in them.

So we met and unveiled what we brought. He opened the $50 bottle of wine, and I pulled out the salmon rolls. I just remember him commenting, more to himself than me, how the food really just destroyed the flavor of the wine. ACK! Oh well... Me being ms. frugal that I am will never forget that I ruined a $50 bottle of wine.

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