Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wonder what I look like?

I said I was a burly girl.

It does come with some disadvantages. Because I don't like to work at home, I had to search long and hard to find a job that would allow me to wear the bathing suit to work. I also spend soooo much money on baby oil, it's ridiculous. And because of the baby oil I tend to slide off my chair at work (I had to put plastic covering on the seat so it wouldn't ruin it.) I also need special equipment to use my computer - Dragon Naturally Speaking - because I can't type with my arms in this position. It's tough being a burly girl! But the anchor bathing suit rocks. It's great because if I run into any Marines, they have to salute - and they know I would kick their asses if they didn't. Don't let the smile fool you. I'm a tough girl.


Susan said...

You are awesome. beyond awesome.

NoRegrets said...

Thanks. I love my muscles too. In fact, I think I'll kiss my right bicep now.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda scared of you now. That smile's not fooling me!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I knew it~

Whymommy said...

WOW. I want you to come over and kick my cancer's *ss personally! But I'd be afraid that you'd miss.

You look great & strong!

Thanks for posting about IBC.