Friday, August 10, 2007

From my birthday last year

As I approach my 40's (rather than just being 40) I look back at last year:

Thank God I have friends from all over, including where I grew up. After an afternoon of spa-ing courtesy of my two best friends, I arrived home and my husband says something about foxes in the backyard. So we run around the side, and I don't see them, so he makes me move forward, and then SURPRISE! I jumped so high! It was a surprise party. I hit my husband and then flipped off everyone who was there. In my thank you note to people for coming, I apologized for flipping everyone off, but then a friend wrote:

I would have expected nothing less than for you to have flipped us off. In NY & NJ (as i have tried in vain to explain to xx) it's sometimes a sign of affection.

So it was. But boy! I don't think I ever want another surprise party! It's so disconcerting!

I also last year dyed my hair purple for the occasion (just a wash, not bright purple)...

One friend asked if I was going through some kind of midlife crisis. Uh, not really, but I AM turning 40! And he looked surprised and wasn't just faking it. awwww.... another nice birthday present. I generally don't look my age, which is nice. But no way do I look 21, which I think is also nice.

40 I think is a good age. At least I feel good. I have a lot of crap behind me, and looking forward to the next phase of my life, whatever that may be. And trying not to stress about 'whatever that may be' with the knowledge that I will make it meaningful, at least to me.

Someone asked me how I am different or what I have learned.
- I can let people be who they are (more)
- I listen to myself more and believe I know what I'm doing
- I recognize my feelings more and feel it's ok to express them and act on them
- I accept mistakes I make and don't beat myself over the head about them so much
- I allow some quiet time in my life. Still not much, but at least I don't feel I have to be doing something ALL the time and use my time super-efficiently.
- I am letting go of the 'shoulds'

There's likely more. But that's pretty good so far.


Susan said...

This makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that's excellent so far! :-)

NoRegrets said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks. And that was at 40! I have a whole year of learning after that! :-)

NoRegrets said...

Oh, and ps, I'm glad it made you smile Susan. Always a good thing.