Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am not a rat

I did a search recently on tickling, because I'm one of very few people I know that really doesn't like to be tickled. I've gotten into BIG trouble twice for how hard I smacked someone when they tried to tickle me.

In any event, I came across this interesting article about rats and tickling. They enjoy it!

See for yourself.

But I *am* a squirrel. I either read or heard sometime that if you're driving down the road and a squirrel runs into the road, don't stop because he's timed it to make it across. And though I haven't googled it, I tend to believe it. Yesterday on the way home, went through a reddish-yellow light (cough), and trying to beat the cars that were starting to turn, and make it through the pedestrians that were trying to cross, and one damn woman stops dead in her tracks in the middle of the intersection when I had figured out where to go by the speed she was walking. I almost slammed right into her! I screamed and made it around, but DAMN, it was close - there was no braking to be had.

Speaking of squirrels, there's no squirrels in Australia, so the couple I met in Mexico stopped to feed them/take pictures. Ugh. Squirrels are just rats with furry tails - yucky.

But wait, but how can I be a squirrel then and not a rat??
[smoke is now coming out of ears] does not compute...


Tera said...

People just have too much time on their hands if they are inspired to gauge whether or not a rat enjoys being tickled!!!

NoRegrets said...

Or write about whether or not a rat enjoys being tickled? :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! From someone who is a HUGE rats-as-pets fan, I can say they love to be petted, scratched, belly rubbed, etc. Never heard one laugh, though...but they do make this cute beepish sound when they're happy, and it's slightly different (and louder) when they're trying to call to you to get your attention.

That said, didn't know that about squirrels. I always stop for them...then they stop and stare at me...then I end up screaming at them to DON'T JUST STAND THERE, FUZZBALL, MOVE IT! :-)

NoRegrets said...

I've heard people like rats as pets, but never met one with one. Seems a little freaky to me...but I do hear they are intelligent.
And like I said about the squirrel thing, it might not be just fit well with the thread. :-)

heather said...

a rat from a pet store, i'm cool with. a rat on the city street, not so cool with. squirrels are cute little buggers but destructive as hell. (i know this from personal experience unfortunatly).

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I know how destructive squirrels can be. Thus I hate them.