Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sister Harriet

For the first 7 grades of my schooling, I went to a Catholic school. Ah, what tales I could tell. But this one is about Sister Harriet.

Sister Harriet was my English teacher in 7th grade. She was a short, forbidding figure who really knew her stuff and made sure her students knew it too (without hitting anyone - or at least that I remember...maybe I've blocked it out). These were the days of diagramming sentences, which you youngsters don't do anymore (I don't think). I actually loved diagramming sentences (geek, or is it nerd?), and learned so much about grammar from it.

I also had drilled into me the importance of good spelling, proper usage of words, etc. That's why I'd make a good editor, or at least I used to. As I get older I slip more and more, and each time I do, I can just see Sister Harriet rolling over in her grave, or even perhaps flipping me off from heaven.

Oh, and btw, no, she did NOT look like the flying nun. I'm not even sure I remember her ever smiling!

[and, for G, then we kissed]


Tera said...

I remember a 7th grade teacher I had...Ms. Kolmos (certainly no one had married her)...she had the worst breath imaginable! And she used to always say to us, "Callllmmmm your lovely boodiiieees." Just like that.

Susan said...

I had 5 teachers by the 7th grade. My english teacher was Ms. Humphreys. She looked to be made of leather because of her love of the sun. She always scared me a bit but loved me to death.

NoRegrets said...

With respect to the worst bodily functioned teacher I had - I had one who was shorter than me and one day I looked in her ear and there was a big ball of wax. UGH. To this day it is one of my measures of a person - whether or not they clean their ears.

And I did have some teachers I got along with well, but only after I left the Catholic school.