Friday, September 28, 2007

A Virgin No More - Meme

Thank you Susan for sending me into the world of meme's. It didn't hurt too much. :-)

1. You've just had that "I'm naked in public" nightmare again. Where exactly were you naked at? Who all was there? Were you embarrassed or rockin' out with your co..well, you get the point.
Um, I've never had that nightmare and never will likely. I'm a closet exhibitionist. :-) But even if it happened out of the blue (boom! I'm naked) I'd likely just smile and wave and either go on about my business or saunter away. Maybe I'd show people near me my bestest bruise of the moment. (I'm making the assumption that I wouldn't get attacked because I'd be naked - otherwise I'd run like hell!) Later, alone, I might freak out. Or might not... Depends on whether people looked at me with disgust and horror, or just simply shock. No matter what, it would be nice to be the center of attention. :-)

2. What's one moment in your life that changed the way you live it? Do you wish this had never happened or are you glad?
A moment. A single moment. Hmmm... One is when I truly gave up 99% of hope that the love of my life would never want to be with me. It made me put on a pretty stiff mask to say f-you to the world - you can't hurt me, I'm a burly girl inside and out. It took a long time for that to start balancing out. Of course I wish it had never happened. I would have rather been met with open arms/heart/mind/soul, and had the rest of his life with him (the 4 or so years it was to be).

3. They say everyone has one musical artist that could sing the soundtrack to their life. Who's your artist?
I'm sorry, but there's no way one artist could sing the soundtrack of my life. I tried, really, for this meme, but I'd be forcing it, and didn't want to do that. Mine is a compilation. So the below is the song/artist for each of the moments requested.

love scene: Well, the sex would be like the post a couple of posts ago. Otherwise, i carry your heart (Michael Hedges) [me and my poems set to music]
rock bottom sad scene: Everybody Hurts (REM); Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel) [theme: rock bottom with hope and support]
moment of enlightenment scene: Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel) [I tried so hard to be the good girl growing up, but this song let me realize that I could/should let the little devil out a bit more, and I suppose let the devil in some too, and have fun, dammit!]
closing credits: You Learn (Alanis Morrisette) [because everything you do, you learn from - past, present, future.]

4. You just went snorkeling. You're enjoying all the fishes when all the sudden you're eaten by a whale! What do you find on the insides of the whale? Who all is hangin' out in there?
Oh, inside is a wonderful party, filled with various persons/creatures interested in the sea, all getting to know each other. Jacques Cousteau, a giant squid, Nemo (Captain and little fishy Nemo), Kevin Kline (he was in Pirates of Penzance on broadway), Sherman of Sherman's Lagoon, Johnny Depp, etc. (who else??) I think the squid's going to win the arm-wrestling contest.

5. You're running late for a drink with one of your blogland people. They call you because they think you've stood them up.
What's their ringtone?
RESPECT (Aretha Franklin)
Who is it and why on earth did you say yes to the invitation in the first place? It's Susan of course. And I said yes because I want to see the famous boobs in person and because we're going to go off and get drunk together and sing all the words to all the songs we know all night.

Interview rules:

1. If you would like to participate, leave me a comment saying "Interview me."

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. Update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.

4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you ask them five questions


Tera said...

Great interview NoR!!! *Pouting* Why can I be the one calling you?!?!

NoRegrets said...

Because I thought I'd want to see your trunk, but nothing's left of it!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

The sex would be like a bike accident or that Dick and Jane movie?

NoRegrets said...

Lol...! Actually, the mountain lion morning. :-)

Tera said...

Uh...I guess that's supposed to read why CAN'T I be the one calling you, but I guess I screwed that up!!! Ha!

Uhhhh...I need your e-mail address to send said interview questions...I guess that buys me more time :-D

Susan said...

This is absolutely great. Onnllyyy the good diiiieee youngggg.. I love that song.

AWESOME ringtone...and I'm proud you didn't say we'd end up "drunk and showing everyone our breast"..because that's where I thought it was headed. lol

NoRegrets said...

There you go with that uniboob thing again... except this time you added two more to the uniboob! whew...

Susan said...

My brain will not let me type "breasts". seriously, I have to make myself concentrate to type it right.

Tera said...

Well let's keep this going why don't we? INTERVIEW ME :D

NoRegrets said...

crap... :-)