Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Speaking of Zombies

Theres a great interview on WFMU of 80 year old drummer Sam Ulano. You can listen in on the archives if you want. From WFMU's site:

Legendary percussionist Sam Ulano will be Irwin's guest TODAY from noon until 3 PM. Known as "Mr. Rhythm," Ulano has played and recorded with the top names in traditional jazz, and in the 1950s made TV appearances on The Tonight Show with Steve Allen and the Ernie Kovacs Show. In the 40s and 50s, he recorded a series called "Drum's Fairy Tales," in which he played wild percussion solos while simultaneously reciting hepcat Mother Goose. Oh, and he once gigged with Public Image Ltd. Hear about all of it this week on Irwin's program, when Sam stops by with recordings and recollections from a lifetime behind the drum kit.

Checked out Sam Ulano's website - www.samulanodrums.com.

I once heard someone say that a person without music in their life is a walking zombie. I’m not certain that all of us need music, but I feel music can do so much for us. It makes us want to dance and it makes us happy and makes us laugh and sometimes makes us sad. I know one thing—MUSIC REACHES INTO OUR HEARTS AND MINDS. It touches all of our emotions and then brings about many different effects in our lives.


Susan said...

If it wasn't painfully obvious from my blog titles, I firmly agree with this. A song from days, weeks and even years ago can bring a memory and/or feeling back that hadn't crossed your mind in what seems like an eternity. I have music in my soul...An internal soundtrack my friends often don't understand. It does, however, keep me moving on in this life.

Great post. Helped me think this early morning.

NoRegrets said...

Music for me often tells me what I'm really thinking and feeling - I'll start singing a song, listen to the words, and think - holy crap! And it is indeed integral to my life.

Tera said...

Songs often make me feel nostalgic...now I must hurry from your page in case Susan has mentioned one!!! She does this thing on occasion where she gets one stuck in my head!